Title Name Language Hits When
sequencer IOhannes m zmölnig Pure Data (Pd-patch) 1'933 8 Years ago.
profiler IOhannes Pure Data (Pd-patch) 868 8 Years ago.
generate a random list ClaudiusMaximus Pure Data (Pd-patch) 858 7 Years ago.
Untitled Gray Crocodile Pure Data (Pd-patch) 836 8 Years ago.
hard sync emulation ClaudiusMaximus Pure Data (Pd-patch) 568 4 Years ago.
MIDI polysynth ClaudiusMaximus Pure Data (Pd-patch) 537 4 Years ago.
[t b i] test Claude Pure Data (Pd-patch) 499 3 Years ago.
swapany.pd ClaudiusMaximus Pure Data (Pd-patch) 491 4 Years ago.
swapany-help.pd ClaudiusMaximus Pure Data (Pd-patch) 431 4 Years ago.
Clapping Music ClaudiusMaximus Plain Text 429 4 Years ago.
fgjfgjfg gfhfgh Plain Text 404 3 Years ago.
WAV-loops-good IOhannes Pure Data (Pd-patch) 314 2 Years ago.
jhjhjh jhjhjhjh Plain Text 312 2 Years ago.
WAV-loops-bad IOhannes Pure Data (Pd-patch) 309 2 Years ago.
response.pd Corrupt Gibbon Pure Data (Pd-patch) 301 2 Years ago.
list accumulator IOhannes m zmölnig Pure Data (Pd-patch) 293 3 Years ago.
query.pd Corrupt Gibbon Pure Data (Pd-patch) 288 2 Years ago.
query Beige Armadillo Plain Text 273 2 Years ago.
[pix_film] with correct speed IOhannes m zmölnig Pure Data (Pd-patch) 240 2 Years ago.
Gem with dynamic [pix_mask] IO Pure Data (Pd-patch) 230 2 Years ago.
Untitled Capacious Anoa Plain Text 217 2 Years ago.
slider-control ingo Pure Data (Pd-patch) 200 1 Year ago.
slider-control ingo Plain Text 194 1 Year ago.
randometro IOhannes m zmölnig Pure Data (Pd-patch) 180 1 Year ago.
(in)dependent particles umlaeute Pure Data (Pd-patch) 83 5 Months ago.